Dead Tree Stunner

Please note that this post was first published in June 7, 2016, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

This striking landscape scene is at Lake Mulwala, a lake, which is fed by the Murray River on the border of Victoria and NSW. We spent a week on the edge of this lake and took many photos of wildlife, landscapes and river setups, but this “ONE” image I think sums up this area pretty well.

The dead trees rising up out of the lake that stretches hundreds of meter across this body of water is both eerie and peaceful at the same time. At dawn and dusk the water is still, the colour comes into the sky and it becomes a landscape photographer’s paradise.

This one was taken on the first morning. The clouds couldn’t have been any more perfect than they were. I set up the tripod, used a strong neutral density filter to give the exposure more time to allow movement in both the clouds and the water and the hero structures of the dead trees remained super sharp. It was an 81 second exposure and when the picture came up on the review screen of my camera I was stoked!! It was almost exactly the picture I had dreamed of taking of this scene the night before.

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CAMERA INFO || Shot with the Canon 5D MK3, 17-40mm lens set at 31mm, 0.9 ND grad filter, 10 stop ND filter, Tripod mounted : Shutter speed 81secs – Aperture F-8 with ISO set at 100

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