What our clients say:

We love, Holiday Parks

We have photographed over 100 Holiday Parks and Resorts in the past 3 years and LOVED every minute of it!!

We are in total love with the Australian and New Zealand landscapes, beaches and scenery, but more than anything else, we are really excited on the holiday vibes and spending time with the ones that matter most .

Each Caravan / Holiday park we photograph we aim to bring alive the unique feel of that particular area and the park. We want the feeling of fun, adventure, relaxation and family time to jump out of the pictures and hit the viewers with an emotion of the “I wanna be there” factor.

You do of course need good quality clean pictures, but what we are offering above that is total engagement with the viewers.

We have over 14 years experience in accommodation style photography as well, so we will be getting your cabins looking their best for that ultimate online wow-factor that every business needs to stand out in the crowd.

We would love to discuss your image needs in your holiday park or resort and get some awesome excitement into your visual marketing on Billboards, Websites, Social media and brochures. We would be stoked to have a chat with you!! please email us [email protected] to get your proposal.