Shark Bay WA

The world heritage listed site of Shark Bay in WA provided the most vivid, mind-bending colours and textures that I have had the pleasure to point my camera at in my 20 years as a photographer.

The geology and history of how these amazing scenes have formed over time is super interesting (will let you look that up if you are like) But this blog / set of images are all about the visuals, visuals that I am still trying to comprehend a few weeks after the event.

I was lucky enough to get up in a small plane and circle around some of the key spots in the Shark Bay area.

It’s such a unique environment where the red cliffs kiss up against the calm, turquoise waters, while the sand, sea and dirt gets constantly shaped by the Wild West Oz winds. It provides some breath taking scenes especially if you are up 3000 feet in the sky.

My pilot was on point, tilting the plane on its side as the light came perfectly over the scenes below… looking through the viewfinder as a plane goes sideways does make you a little giddy, but that uneasy feeling was quickly over ridden by the sheer brilliance of what was below.

I hope you enjoy this series of pictures. It has been a long time dream to achieve some aerials like this and the experience will be with me forever more.

Other than the aerial aspect, there is also abundant wildlife in Shark Bay; we kayaked with reef sharks, rays and turtles. We spotted Dugongs feeding on seagrasses from the cliffs, found our first Thorny Devil lizard and spent hours at the famous Shell beach. Shark Bay goes into our top 3 places in Australia.









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