We are now offering our Professional surf photography services to you. For over 16 years we have been published in Surf Magazines, books and publications around the world. We have shot for brands such as FCS, Peak, TCSS, Golden Breed, Rip Curl and many more.

 We are now taking all of that experience and giving you the opportunity to get epic surf shots of yourselves and your friends. Whether you are someone who has surfed for years but never seen a decent photo of yourself (We get that comment a lot) Or you could be just starting out and want capture the thrill of those first few rides.

You may be a sponsored surfer that needs to keep quality content flowing to hold on to your contract with that surf brand. And fill your instagram feed to get you on the front foot.You may want to get content to earn a sponsorship.

You may be looking for the ultimate gift for your surfing loving friend, family member or loved one. Then our personalized surf shoots are for you.

 We can shoot from the water – land and the air!! To achieve the result you desire. We have an option to have two photographers during the shoot maximizing the angles and content you end up with.

Our spots are limited and will be available at certain times of the year on the Sunshine Coast and the Coffs Coast.

Join our email list below to keep updated with the availability. To secure your photo shoot book in on the link below. Once its booked you have locked in a position and won’t miss out.